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Getting locked out of your house or apartment is a very common type of emergency, and there are several different ways in which this can happen: Maybe you lost the key or the key got damaged beyond repair. Maybe the lock has been damaged due to a break in and the key won’t fit into the lock. The lock might even be worn or rusted, or your door might have an automatic lock function that’s locked you out.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to handle being locked out of your apartment, and who to call if you don’t manage by the end of this article.

Locked Out? It Happens

Locked out of your house or apartment? It happens. In fact, you might be surprised to know that the apartment lockout is one of the most common locksmith-related emergencies that we get called about.

There are times where you’ve been locked out and there’s a way to get back in yourself without all that much of an effort – and we’ve covered some of it in this article. Other times, you might need the services of an expert 24 hour locksmith to help you gain access to your apartment again.

That’s where you call us.

Help When You’re Locked Out

There are several possible situations if you’ve been locked out of your situation, and sometimes it’s easy enough to get back in yourself without having to call a Cheap Locksmith. (At the same time, it’s true that if you can get into your house this easy when you’re locked out, so can an intruder – which prompts a lot of people to call us for customized security solutions!)

  • If the key is still trapped in the lock, then you are sometimes able to push the key back in through the other side and slide it under the door if there’s enough of a gap.
  • If the key is still in the lock (or somewhere you can access it) and you have a window open, you can reach the key with something like a garden tool or broomstick.
  • If you have a spare key, this can save you a lot of time and effort when you’re locked out – and if you don’t, we can help you to have a set of duplicate keys made.
  • Sometimes the locking mechanism can be removed in order to gain access to the door – but for this, you’ll need tools, which are often times locked inside your house too.

While it’s true that you can break a window to gain access into your house or apartment in San Fransisco, it just leaves the potential of injuring yourself – and you’ll have a window to replace and a whole bunch of glass to clean up by the end. Contact us today!

Don’t break a window if you’re locked out. Just get in touch with your nearest Locksmith San Francisco instead – it’s easier, cheaper and a lot less of a mess.

Need Help? Call King Key Locksmith

Locked out and need help? Get in touch with King Key Locksmith: We’re one of the leading locksmith companies in San Francisco, CA – and we serve all of SF and surrounding areas with a range of different locksmith services, emergency lockout services, and lock installations and repair.