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Move-in and move out security checks are one of the most important things for you to be aware of when you’re moving into (or out of) a new house or apartment as a tenant. It’s just as much of a vital topic if you happen to be a landlord or homeowner.

King Key Locksmith has put together a few tips for tenants, landlords, and homeowners when it comes to your security checks and why they’re important.

Why Move-in/Move-out Checks are Important

Move-in and move-out security checks are an important phase of the process when you’re moving into a house or apartment; it’s more than just about signing the contract and getting it over with, it’s also about assessing the property both before and afterward. Visit here to know about the best locksmith near me.

This is important for the tenant because it can tell you just what you’re leasing from the landlord, and in which condition you find it when you move in.

For the landlord, it’s important because it sets a baseline of what type of condition the property was in when the tenant moved into the place. If you are looking for a locksmith in San Francisco then hire us.

Move out checks are important to again assess the state of the property when the tenant moves out. The most important factor for a security check is to establish what’s been changed about the property since the move-in security check – and is it in a better or worse state than when the original inspection and security check was done? Click here if you are looking for an emergency locksmith service in San Fransisco.

Security checks cover both landlords and tenants – and it’s just as important for one side as for the other.

Important Tips for Move-In & Move-Out Checks

Here are some vital tips for both landlords and tenants to remember when it comes to security checks that can help make the entire process easier.

  • Never skip over a move-in or move-out security check as a landlord or tenant: It will only create problems later on or lead to issues with clarity on who did what and when.
  • Take clear pictures of everything during the move-in and move-out inspection, and pay special attention to any damages or flaws.
  • Record a video of a walk-around through the property itself – and make sure that you also cover the surrounding outside area, like a garden or patio.
  • A physical security checklist should accompany the rest of the images and video for the property.
  • The security checklist should be signed by the parties present, and ideally with another witness able to sign.
  • Remember to record all the details thoroughly and don’t skim over anything that could be an issue later. If something is still in its original state, record it as such instead of forgetting about it.

Need Help? Call King Key Locksmith

Need help as a tenant or landlord? King Key Locksmith in San Francisco, CA has got you covered: Get in touch with the team and find out more about the services we offer when it comes to lock installation, repair or replacement – or setting up high-security systems for your home or commercial property. We’ve even got evictions and lockout situations covered through our specialized services.